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This New Year


Here we are, and I haven’t blogged much lately, spending my writing time plowing through novel drafting. I finished that draft and sent it to beta readers January 2nd! And while I thought I’d have time to jump into a new short story while I wait for the feedback, but our 2019 started off with a bang.

On New Year’s Day, my grandfather passed away less than 24 hours after I’d spoken to him on the phone. (I am so, so grateful for that conversation.) His beloved wife and son, my dad, were with him at the last. Somewhere, I’ve tucked that grief away, taking it out at times to sit with it, uncertain I can or should try to really see it all the way through without my family nearby to share it with me. Many days I go through life and wonder how it can seem so normal. What if I rush past the window of grief, even though it’s really a corridor?

That afternoon, I came down with the kids’ cold and it is a whopper. I’m still coughing horribly and tired. Between that and my oldest chidren’s last few days of winter break, there was not much writing going on, which is fine, if still a bit disorienting/frustrating. I’d spent a solid 6 months writing my novel and not doing that felt strange at first.

Looking back at my goals for 2018, it’s interesting to see which I did and didn’t meet. I’m ok with all of it. My novel was my passion project and needed my focus. This year, I have very few goals because I want to see where the year takes me.

The one definite goal I have is to get my novel ready to submit to Pitch Wars in August. (I just “eeped”a little.) Between beta readers and then, I’ll have about 7 months to do what I hope are the final revisions and edits before it’s ready. That seems like a measured and manageable time for those goals. Oh my.  Can it really be?

Otherwise, I hope to be on here a little more often than the last six months. Oh, and read lots. I only read 1 nonfiction book last year, so I’m setting the goal of 3 for this year. There will always be lots and lots of fantasy to read. And always, there will be the hard, gentle work of allowing and seeking growth and connection.




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